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Thinking about BARTENDING ??”

Learning to bartend professionally requires hands-on training behind a real bar from a qualified trainer. Bartending is a vocational career that cannot be learned by reading a book, a online course or watching a video. There is no substitute for experience

Bartending Academy of Tucson offers Arizona State Liquor Law classes to all graduates. The class ensures the graduate has full knowledge of their responsibilities regarding checking drivers license, intoxicated customers, new fire arm laws and much more. This class has been a benefit for graduates to be hired by bar managers that know how important this is to their establishment.

Bartending Academy of Tucson is licensed and approved by their respective state board of education. State licensing ensures that the school is financially sound and employs state-approved teaching methods. A licensed school must follow the state laws in regard to enrolling students, training and approved tuition.

You will have many questions and the only way for you to make an educated decision is to pick up the phone and set up a appointment to talk with one of our very experienced instructors. We can also answer your questions and concerns over the phone.

Our staff including the owner of the Bartending Academy all started their career with a bartending program. Ask yourself this: do you want to learn on the job from mistakes or do you want to be a year ahead of someone who has not taken a class?